Currently Available Productions

Here are the shows the Seniors Theatre is currently performing:

Seniors Theatre production of John Philip Sousa

John Philip Sousa: The Man And His Music

John Philip Sousa ranks among the most significant people in American music. Along with such luminaries as Irving Berlin, Aaron Copeland, Duke Ellington, Richard Rodgers, and Charles Ives, Sousa’s contributions are unparalleled.

Seniors Theatre production of Mark Twain: An American Story

Mark Twain: An American Story

We all know Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher, Huck Finn and Jim, and many others of the most unforgettable characters in Literature. Mark Twain was a seminal force in American letters. His stories, characters, use of language, and humor still resonate in the words we speak and the way we see the world. This play describes his many careers and illuminates the history of our country during the last half of the nineteenth century.

Seniors Theatre production of Julia Child

Julia Says: Bon Appetit!

Julia Child was the leader of a revolution. By teaching American women and men how to shop, prepare, and dine ways she made “foodies” of us all. Who she was and what she did outside the kitchen are the main ingredients of this play.

Seniors Theatre production of Eleanor Roosevelt

A Life of My Own: Meeting Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt was the most revered woman in 20th century America. Across the country and the world she gave voice and action to help those who needed recognition and support. Her private struggles led her from being a young girl of privilege to a major force in the United Nations are the focus of this play. Her marriage to Franklin Roosevelt is only a part of her story.

Seniors Theatre production of Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger: Our Fight

Margaret Sanger made her mark as a leader in the field of “women’s health” – specifically in pregnancy prevention. Staring as a student nurse working among poor immigrant women she extended her work through the courts, legislatures, and ultimately in the opinions of the American people. Her voice is still powerful today as struggles for human rights are being fought here and around the world.

Seniors Theatre production of Babe Didrikson Zaharias

The Greatest Ever: Babe Didrikson Zaharias’ Story