The Seniors Theatre has been dedicated to bringing a range of high quality theatrical experiences to senior citizens since 1998. We believe theater is a source of energy and joy, and teaches understanding of the world we inhabit. We also believe watching, reading, or talking about plays is a wonderful experience.

Ours is a professional company, which uses gifted playwrights and exciting actors to engage the audience without glamour and glitz. By design, we do not have our own performing space; all of our offerings are designed to be mobile and simple to produce. Most often we require only a table and a chair, and can fit easily into any organization’s schedule.

In addition to performing plays, The Senior’s Theatre offers a variety of highly participatory play reading programs.

We invite you to look through this web site and contact us so that we can bring a theatrical program to your audience.

These shows are currently available. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a performance.